Chipolte Chicken Nachos

All projects for the Student Council Art contest are due to Mrs. Dean NO LATER than November 22.

Next Friday, Nov 18th, will be a beta club meeting at 7 am in the library.

The Lady Raiders will travel to Chillicothe for a game tonight. Game time is 5:00. Good luck
Lady Raiders!!

The Boys Basketball team will travel to Brimfield tonight. Their game time is 5:00. We will be
dismissing cheerleaders at 2:40 to get ready for the bus. The bus leaves at 3:00. Good luck!

On November 18, Student Council is hosting “Anything but a backpack Day”. This means
students can bring anything that follows the rules to carry their supplies in for the day. The
rules are:
- Nothing dangerous or harmful (no weapons or contraband)
- Nothing that will interfere with school activities
- No stolen items (like shopping carts)
- Needs to fit through doors and classrooms
- Can be taken away if not used right
- Must not be breathing