Lunch: Turkey Soft Tacos or Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Teachers, please take your weekend
lunch counts first thing this morning.

Basketball players – don’t forget to turn in your uniforms!

Student Council will be having a movie day on March 26. March 16 through March 19 you can pre-purchase snacks for the day. We will be selling popcorn for $0.50, water for $0.50, and an icie for $1. You will get an order form during homeroom. You must bring EXACT change. You can also bring your own snacks and drinks from home the day of, just not to share. You can buy as much as you want!

We have extended the coloring contest due date to March 25. Remember to use 6 colors with one being green. Your name has to be on the back or you’re disqualified. The prizes are:
3rd place – free pass to the Raider Store
2nd place – snack or candy of choice
1st – 2 liter of choice
Everyone…get coloring!!!