Lunch: Chicken Sandwich or Cheeseburger
Just a reminder that volleyball players and basketball players will get their pictures taken today. Please make sure you have your uniforms with you. If players need to stay right after school, there will be supervision so you can stay.

Snow sure makes the landscape look pretty. As tempting as it is to tromp through it and play
with it, students need to stay on the sidewalks and leave the snow on the ground.

Students – From now on, if you are quarantined, we have an incentive for you to get your work
done while you are out. When you are quarantined, for every assignment you turn in on time,
you will receive Q Cash. Each Q Cash is worth 5 (YES 5) Raider Bucks. So if you are
quarantined for 2 days, you’d miss 3 classes each day. That’s 6 possible assignments. If you
turn them all in on time, you’ll get 6 Q Cash when you return to school – That’s 30 Raider
Bucks! Our hope is that you will be motivated to work while you are out. It will also be a big
THANK YOU to those that already complete their work while they are out.