Lunch: French Toast Sticks with Turkey Sausage or Soft Tacos
Student Council will be hosting a Valentine’s Day box competition!
Here are the rules:
- Must be SCHOOL appropriate
- Must have a spot to put Valentine’s in
- Due Friday, February 12

- 1st place $20 gift card of choice
- 2nd place Drink and snack of choice
- 3rd place Snack of Choice
Student Council is having a compliment challenge February 10 – February 12. Each day you will draw a card from the bucket in your homeroom and complete the task on the card. Try to give the compliment to someone you would not typically talk to.
Beta Club will be hosting a “Change War”. Collect pennies and dollar bills for your homeroom. Put silver coins in other homerooms to deduct points. The winning homeroom will win a pizza and soda party from Caseys. The proceeds will go the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Also, there will be a beta club meeting this Friday at 7:30.