Lunch: Italian Meatball Sub or Cheese Pizza
Let’s go over spirit week for next week!
Each day you participate, you earn 1 Raider Buck. If you’re able to wear something Christmas,
you’ll earn 2. Example: Monday is Pajama Day. If you wear pajamas, you’ll earn one. If they
are Christmas pajamas, you’ll earn two. Here are the dress up days for the remainder of next
Tuesday – Crazy Socks
Wednesday – Christmas Sweater
Thursday -Rainbow Day -wear as many colors as possible. Get 1 Raider Buck per color up to 7!
Friday – Wear Red or Green
On Fun Day (next Friday the 18th) we will be watching a movie during the second half of the
day. You will be able to bring in snacks or purchase snacks from school. You will be able to
purchase popcorn for 50 cents during homeroom. Popcorn will be sold until Wednesday the 16th. You must bring in the exact change to purchase.

There will be a Beta club meeting tonight 3:00 to 4:00 to tie dye our masks.