Lunch: Cheeseburger or Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Student Council is sponsoring an event where you can tell people why you’re thankful for them.
It costs 50 cents to send a message and a goody bag. You have the choice of sending a bag of
chex mix or a bag of cereal to a friend or staff member. We are selling November 18th through
November 23rd.
Here’s how it works:
During homeroom you will fill out the thankful form. At lunch, you will take EXACT change
and the form to student council members. They will organize and the goody bags will be passed
out the next day during homeroom. Please take this opportunity to let people know you
appreciate them!

The Raider store is having a special event this week! They are selling a pass for 15 Raider
Bucks that will get you one ICEE during lunch. A limit of one pass per student. The pass can
only be used at lunch this Thursday.