Lunch today:  Chicken Fajita with Roasted Peppers or Turkey & Cheese Sub

There will be a flu shot clinic this Thursday.  Students wanting to participate in the flu shot clinic need to pick up a packet from the Nurses Room.

Don’t forget this week’s SPECIAL EVENT!!  The raider store will be having TWO special events!

What will be sold???  One apple for $5.00 Raider Bucks; or One goody bag with 5 small pieces of candy for $25 Raider Bucks.

The Midwest Central will host the Cross Country meet tonight.  It starts at 4:15.  Good luck to everyone!!!

Here is the Raider Reminder for today; teachers please take a minute to talk it over in the homeroom. The dress code in the handbook includes the following:

            Shorts/skirts/holes in pants must be around knee length or longer

            If wearing tights/leggings, shirts must cover your bottom

            Tank top straps should be at least 2 inches wide

            Shirts must cover your midriff

            Use the palm rule when deciding whether or not your shirt is to low at the top

            Pajamas are only allowed with a Raider Store pass or on special days.

            Hats can be worn with hat passes or on special days.