Lunch today:  Chicken Sandwich or Mini Corn Dogs 

There will be a flu shot clinic on Thursday, October 22.  Students wanting to participate in the flu shot clinic need to pick up a packet from the Nurse's Room. 
There will be a student council meeting tomorrow at 7:30 in the gym. Please wait outside the office to be let in like last week. Today or tonight, please go to the Student Council Google Classroom and add your Spirit Week ideas to the document created! Remember if you’re running for President, Vice-President, or Secretary, have your speech ready to go!  
Don’t forget this week’s SPECIAL EVENT!!  The raider store will be having TWO special events! What will be sold???  One apple for $5.00 Raider Bucks; or One goody bag with 5 small pieces of candy for $25 Raider Bucks.