Lunch today:  Italian Meatball Sub or Cheese Pizza 
There will be a flu shot clinic on Thursday, October 22.  Students wanting to participate in the flu shot clinic need to pick up a packet from the Nurses Room. 
The raider store will be having TWO special events next week October 5 – October 9.   What will be sold?  The answer is…1 apple for 5 Raider Bucks or 1 goody bag with 5 small pieces of candy for 25 Raider Bucks   
Yesterday we announced that we were seeing gum on the trays at lunch and that 2nd lunch was where we were having the problem.  Well 2nd lunch did a great job and didn’t have any gum stuck to their trays yesterday.  Unfortunately, though, 1st lunch DID.  Please remember that in order to be allowed to continue to chew gum at school, we need to respect school property.  If you need to dispose of your gum at lunch, please wrap it in a napkin or wrapper of some sort or place it in your milk container to throw away.  Leaving it on the tray causes damage to the sink drain and dishwasher.  We want to be able to allow you to chew gum so please follow these expectations. 
In order to be safe, your phones are to be turned off and put away as soon as you exit the bus in the morning.  Phones need to remain off and put away for the entire day until you get back onto the bus in the afternoon.  We are seeing students looking at their phones while trying to walk, and this is not safe.  This also applies to you if you walk, ride a bike, or get dropped off.