Lunch: Yang’s Orange Chicken 

Please turn in any late yearbook order forms at this time. 

Student Council is hosting a coloring contest. The rules are you must use 5 colors or more. First name and last name and grade on the back. It starts March 13th. Due to Mrs. Keaschall 24th at latest. • 1st place gets Caseys pizza or amazon gift card. • 2nd place gets the opposite of what first chooses. • 3rd place gets candy. Let’s see how many colored pictures we can get this year. Good luck! 

Our Lady Raiders will play in the Sectional Volleyball game tonight. It will be played at Peoria Heights at 6:30 pm. GOOD LUCK!!! If you plan to ride the fan bus for the game tonight, your permission slip must be turned into the office by 9:00 this morning! 

RAIDER FAN EXPECTATIONS For the Road • The bus leaves promptly at 5:15. The bus will not wait if you are late. • We will load in front of the gym. • The gym doors will be open at 5 PM for you to wait - no sooner – please do not knock and try to get in before that. • Student spectator expectations apply just like at home games. • Please dress appropriately, according to school dress code. • If you ride the bus to the game, you ride the bus home from the game, unless your parents are there to sign you out and take you home. • The adults that are chaperones are in charge and have final say about everything. School rules apply for all that you do - on the bus, at the game.